Registration Fees

Registration fees are assesed by the day(s) selectd (a la carte). Meals are included in these fees unless the "I will eat no conference food" option is selected. Practically all of your daily fees go directly to the cost of meals.

NOTE: Accomodations are not included with registration.  You are responsible for arranging your own accomodations.

Monday Attendance (Bus Tour - AMR Sites)

Mon PM: Bus Tour (AMD/AMR sites in Phillipsburg Area) $30/$20.... Check to attend the Monday, Aug 11, 2008 afternoon bus tour of Abandoned Mine Drainage and Abandoned Mine Reclamation sites in the Phillipsburg area. Leaves from and returns to Ramada Inn, State College.  $30 with box lunch, $20 w/o lunch. Read more»

Tuesday Attendance

Tue: Abandoned Mine Reclamation (AM+PM) $40/$10... Check to attend the Tuesday, Aug 12, 2008 session featuring  Abandoned Mine Reclamation topics the entire day. $40 with meals and breaks, $10 without. Read more ».

Wednesday Attendance

Wed: Aband. Mine Rec (AM) and Coal Heritage (PM) $35/$10... Check to attend the Wednesday, Aug 13, 2008 session featuring  Abandoned Mine Reclamation topics in the morning and Coal Mine Heritage topics in the afternoon. Includes evening mixer and entertainment. $35 with meals and breaks, $10 without. Read more »

Thursday Attendance

Thu: Coal Mining Heritage (AM+PM) $25/$10... Check to attend the Thursday, Aug 14, 2008, session featuring  Coal Mine Heritage topics the entire day. Conference closes at approximately 4:30 pm. $25 with meals and breaks, $10 without. Read more ».

Other Options

Exhibit / Display selection

Exhibit / display space is offered in 3 distinct levels, mainly distinguished by the floor space they occupy:

  1. Normal ($150) space includes a standard 2'x8' table. Note: Non-profit organizations are eligible for one of a limited number of no-fee normal display spaces. First come-first served(based on registration date).
  2. Large ($250) display spaces are equivalent to 2 tables worth of space, or 16 sq .ft.
  3. Jumbo ($300) is for floor space greater than 2 tables, or approximately 32 sq .ft. . We reserve the right to deny jumbo spaces based on available space. We encourage anyone contemplating a jumbo space to first contact us.

Tables and electricity will be supplied on request at no additional fee. Bring you own extension cord and method to make it safe for foot traffic. Read more »

Auxillary Track Presentation

Tues Paid Presentation in AMR Track 3 Plus Sponsorship $350... Vendors may elect to take advantage of making a presentation (~45 min) in our Tuesday and Wednesday Ausillary track. Limited slots are available. Takers will also receive advertisement space in the conference program and website and be listed as a corporate sponsor. Read more »

Donation fill-in

We invite and greatly appreciate donations to help offset expenses with this and future conferences. Any donation amount will appear as an item on your invoice. This may be considered as charitable donation eligible for a possible federal income tax deduction. Read more »

Why we don't accept credit cards.

We estimate that accepting credit cards would add nearly $1,000 to our costs. We would rather those funds be applied to the Scholarship Fund allowing more people to attend the conference.