Coal Mining Heritage Segment

Honoring and Preserving Pennsylvania' s Heritage of Coal Mining

Genesis of this segment

This is a new addition to our conference; an experiment, if you will. We, the organizers of the now 10 year old Abandoned Mine Reclamation (AMR) Conference, have often noted that the same folks interested in reclamation issues are likely to have an interest in the the history and heritage of the the coal mining regions... in the very different times and circumstances that led us to where we are now. We've also noted that, as a general rule, this is a slice of our bigger history and heritage that hasn't gotten it rightful due as relates to its preservation. While we see there are islands of effort throughout Pennsylvania's coal regions in preserving this precious part of our past, those efforts are largely disconnected from each other, and are without the resources to adequately capture that which is so quickly slipping away.

Our notion of piggy-backing on our annual AMR conference was born out of the recognition that little has been done state-wide in providing a forum and meeting place for those who have similar passions in preserving our collective coal mining heritage. We reasoned that with modest additional effort we would be able to provide a step, admittedly a small one, yet a step toward a more cohesive effort in preserving, what we believe, is a very important part of Pennsylvania's, indeed the nation's, past.

We've expanded our planning committee to some very knowledgeable folks who hold Coal Ming Heritage as their passion, to whom we've looked to for guidance in planning this part of the conference. Their value in this effort has been immeasurable.

And so we enter this "experiment" with hopefulness, a bit of luck, and some hard work. We hope it will be the first of many.


Wednesday, August 13  

Abandoned Mine Reclamation and Coal Mining Heritage - The Ties That Bind Us

Wednesday will feature a full day of plenary (single track) sessions, designed to have interest to both the environmentalists and the historians. The day will begin with presentations very focused on Abandoned Mine Reclamation issues then little by little will fade to a decidedly coal mining history focus by the end of the day... well, at least that's the idea. Designed to bridge the environmental reclamation community and the historic preservation community, the presentations will provide fascinating insights into our rich heritage and how that heritage relates to the environmental challenges we face today. Whether you're into reclaiming our industrial past or shaping our environmental future, it's a day that will enrich both camps and one not to be missed!

If your personal focus is exclusively Abandoned Mine Reclamation, stay through lunchtime.

Alternately, if your personal focus is exclusively Coal Mining Heritage, start the conference with the Wednesday lunch.

Everyone attending the conference is invited to all of Wednesday's activities.


Thursday, August 14  

Track One: Current Preservation Activities

This track will feature presentations from groups throughout Pennsylvania's coal regions who are actively pursuing preservation in their communities. An opportunity to learn "who's doing what and how", this track promises to be both enlightening and encouraging.


Track Two: Our Collective Past

An eclectic mix of subjects, this track will feature presentations on a wide variety of topics related to the people, places, things, and events that shaped our coal mining past and continue to shape our future. With such a wide range of talks, this track is sure to have something of interest for everyone.




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