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Pennsylvania Department for Environmental Protection

Office of Mineral Resources Management

DEPMineral Resources Management (MRM) is an executive level organization consisting of nearly 600 Commonwealth employees located within five bureaus. MRM is responsible for the policies and implementation of programs which regulate or impact mineral extraction including oil, gas, industrial minerals and coal. The five bureaus have distinct programmatic responsibilities but are interrelated and coordinate efforts in many areas.

Our Mission: To minimize impacts to the environment while providing a climate that encourages economic growth; to provide a safe and healthy work environment for miners; and to assure the public has an informed opportunity to participate in the debate and process. We intend to meet our objectives by partnering with our customers; educating affected parties to the extent possible; and striving for 100 percent compliance utilizing appropriate tools for each situation.


Bureau of Watershed Management

The Bureau of Watershed Management's (BWM) mission is to restore and protect Pennsylvania's watersheds through: proper planning and management of water resources and their uses; reducing the impacts of non point sources of pollution on water resources; regulating activities for soil conservation and waterway and wetlands protection; forming partnerships and building local capacity to restore and protect water resources, including drinking water sources; and educating Pennsylvania citizens about watersheds and watershed management.

Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds, formerly known as the Western Pennsylvania Watershed Program, is a grant-making foundation that invests in efforts to protect healthy, natural PWFstreams around the state — and also to clean up pollution and repair damaged wildlife habitat. To date, we have assisted more than 150 different groups, funded more than $5 million in projects, leveraged more than $75 million in additional investments and restored more than 550 miles of polluted streams and rivers.

Our mission is to foster stewardship for the protection, preservation and restoration of Pennsylvania’s unique water resources and watersheds, while leveraging local, state and federal agency funds. Our primary service area extends from the Ohio boarder to the mainstem of the Susquehanna River.

US Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement


The Office of Surface Mining or OSM is charged with balancing the nation’s need for continued domestic coal production with protection of the environment.

OSM was created in 1977 when Congress enacted the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act. OSM works with State and Indian Tribes to assure that citizens and the environment are protected during coal mining and that the land is restored to beneficial use when mining is finished. OSM and its partners are also responsible for reclaiming and restoring lands and water degraded by mining operations before 1977.