Abandoned Mine Reclamation Segment

New Approaches to AMR / Timely Topics

Tuesday, August 12

New Approaches Track

It's amazing to think that just 20 years ago there was one basic (and expensive) methodology generically known as active treatment that was routinely used to treat Acid Mine Drainage (a.k.a. Abandoned Mine Drainage, AMD). That changed when some observant folks noticed raw AMD was considerably improved after passing through wetlands. They wondered if whatever was happening could be purposely applied to treating polluted mine water. Those observations and curiosity have led to a new age of AMD treatment, now close to 2 decades old, which ushered in passive treatment.

In that time much has been learned, some by trial and error, some by figuring out actual mechanisms, with a lot left to be learned. It still could be said that the much of the design of passive treatment is a combination of art and science. For a while passive treatment seemed to be the holy grail in addressing the myriad AMD problems in the Commonwealth. Now we have arrived at a more sober view that passive treatment indeed has a rightful place in treating AMD, but perhaps under more restricted circumstances than was once thought.

Exploring new and refined methods and techniques in treating AMD is helping to advance our knowledge and, in some cases leading to better and cheaper, ways of dealing with our huge backlog of problems. A track of the AMR segment of the conference will shed light on some of the new approaches being explored in treating AMD.

More to come.


Timely Topics Track


This track will provide presentations on a variety of topics that are relevant to the Abandoned Mine Reclamation community today.  From using technology to further your environmental message to the status of funding opportunities, this track will address the issues and topics you find most important.


Vendors Track


This track made its first appearance at the 2007 conference and was well received by attendees and vendors alike and makes a return appearance for 2008.  In this track, company representatives speak about the services and/or materials they can provide  to help you in your Abandoned Mine Reclamation work. 




Wednesday, August 13

Abandoned Mine Reclamation and Coal Mining Heritage - The Ties That Bind Us

Wednesday will feature a full day of plenary (single track) sessions, designed to have interest to both the environmentalists and the historians. The day will begin with presentations very focused on Abandoned Mine Reclamation issues then little by little will fade to a decidedly coal mining history focus by the end of the day... well, at least that's the idea. Designed to bridge the environmental reclamation community and the historic preservation community, the presentations will provide fascinating insights into our rich heritage and how that heritage relates to the environmental challenges we face today. Whether you're into reclaiming our industrial past or shaping our environmental future, it's a day that will enrich both camps and one not to be missed!

If your personal focus is exclusively Abandoned Mine Reclamation, stay through lunchtime.

Alternately, if your personal focus is exclusively Coal Mining Heritage, start the conference with the Wednesday lunch.

Everyone attending the conference is invited to all of Wednesday's activities.