Vendor Information

Vendor Information



Vendors having products or services related to Abandoned Mine Reclamation are an important addition to our conference.  Vendors having a presence at the conference has benefit to both the vendors themselves and and those attendees who have potential need for their goods and services.  Networking is one of the key benefits of the conference.

Starting last year at the 2007 conference, we introduced a separate "Vendor Track" to the presentation agenda in which vendors were given the opportunity to make a 30-45 minute presentation on whatever topic the vendor chose.  All indications were that both vendors and participants overwhelmingly welcomed this added segment.  We are so pleased with last year's "experiment" that we are again adding it to the conference.


Exhibits and Displays


Exhibit and display space is offered in 3 distinct levels, mainly distinguished by the floor space they occupy:

  1. Normal ($150) space includes a standard 2'x8' table.
  2. Large ($225) display spaces are equivalent to 2 tables worth of space, or 16 sq .ft.
  3. Jumbo ($300) is for floor space greater than 2 tables, or approximately 32 sq .ft. . We reserve the right to deny jumbo spaces based on available space. We encourage anyone contemplating a jumbo space to first contact us.

Tables and electricity will be supplied on request at no additional fee. Bring you own extension cord and method to make it safe for foot traffic.


Vendors' Auxiliary Presentation Track


Vendors may elect to take advantage of making a presentation (~45 min) in our Tuesday and Wednesday Vendor track. Limited slots are available. Takers will also receive advertisement space in the conference program and website and be listed as a corporate sponsor.  Cost ($350)